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Riochevi is a Company born in 1976. We produce reprocessed and raw fibers. Our company and our products are recognized for being high quality products and we offer an excellent service to our customers. We are the greater producer of reprocessed fibers in Colombia and compete in quality standards and production capacity with companies around the world, always paying special attention to preservation of natural resources and a recycling culture for the wellbeing of future generations. We have also entered home textiles market through our non-woven and quilting services plants.


MISIÓN To produce and sell reprocessed fibers coming from recycling of textile waste, satisfying our customer´s needs, leaning on technology and processes that succeed quality standards requested by markets. Committed employees and management practices based on agility and simplicity. Consolidate our company as an important competitor in the home products market through offering full package manufacturing service of bed covers, comforters and pillows.

Being a profitable, competitive, responsible and committed Company, always pursuing our countries growth and development, with a profound consciousness of caring and preserving of our planet.

We never lose sight of the importance of taking care of our planet.





Riochevihas extensive experience in handling and processing of textile surpluses. We will always aim to take care of our customers as the most valuable company asset.



We focus on agility and good service to give our clients the treatment they deserve and the prices they want, do not have limitations to provide solutions to our customers.



We always innovate in processes and products, creating new business lines that always relate to each other so that our clients are in reliable and versatile Riochevi provider.



We have no limitations to provide solutions to our customers, we always innovate in processes and products, creating new business lines


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